Woman Quit Smoking Tip #1

Two Factors Motivate People to Change

Pain and Pleasure!

People naturally move away from pain, and move towards pleasure.

Unfortunately, people who try to quit smoking cigarettes tend to have this Pain-Pleasure Principal backwards.

They imagine how hard it will be to stop smoking (Pain), and they think about how much they love to smoke (Pleasure).

Now imagine if you could reverse that - so the thought of smoking brings discomfort (Pain), and the thought of quitting brings relief (Pleasure).

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Smoking Cessation Online Program

Quitting Smoking Tip #1
Pain-Pleasure Principle

To quit smoking easily, you want to line up this Pain-Pleasure Principle so that it works FOR you, and not AGAINST you.

Smoking = Pain

Not Smoking = Pleasure

To begin to line up the Pain Pleasure Principle:

1 - make a list of all the reasons smoking causes you discomfort (from coughing, stinky clothes, nasty breath to feeling shame, or loss of control)

2 - make a list of all the reasons why quitting smoking will be pleasurable (from saving money to breathing more easily to feeling proud of yourself)


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Quit Smoking Tip 1 Pain and Pleasure
Pain and Pleasure
Quit Smoking Tips Desire and Belief
Desire and Belief
Quit Smoking Tip 3
Gain and Loss

Does Hypnosis Work?

All hypnosis is Self-Hypnosis. Master NLP Hypnotherapist Becky Hays teaches her clients how they hypnotize themselves everyday, without even knowing it!

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